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Sunday, January 26, 2003

I've had a blog in the professional world for more than two years; for the past year, it's been Radio. This is my first Blogger blog.

I grew up in Sunnyvale, California at a time when the orchards there were being bulldozed for mile after mile of tract homes. My father sold those tract homes for a living for more than 25 years. When the builders and he were done, the orchards were gone and Silicon Valley was there in their place. Now, the Central Valley is being bulldozed and turned into suburban sprawl. I remain utterly committed to living in the San Francisco Bay Area. But somewhere along the way, a terrible price has been paid. One example: My entire family moved away from the region, largely because traffic was getting so bad. But I'm determined to stay and see the miles of sprawl transformed into a sustainable urban area. I see little hope of this happening, but that isn't going to stop me from trying. I've done a few good things for bicycle advocacy, but after I remarried in 1999 and became a father in 2000, I became increasingly disillusioned with the narrow tunnel vision of bicycle, pedestrian and transit advocates, who sometimes spend more time fighting each other than their common foes. So I grope for a unified solution that somehow kowtows to none of these constituencies and yet gives us all hope for a sustainable urban future here in California. This will be my public diary of my journey.

Scott Mace, Berkeley, California


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