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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

The crisis facing the bicycling facilities lobby is now coming to a head with the spectre of federal and state cutbacks. Thus, I was dismayed to see this report, where a subscriber to the Thunderhead Alliance email list was unsubscribed from that list after he criticized design of a Boston bike lane. The lane was placed well within a door zone, and last year, a bicyclist got doored, and fell into the street where she was killed by a passing bus. And yet, the head of Thunderhead Alliance attacked the critic as "blaming the victim or the bike lane" and not holding the motorist opening the door accountable. It's deplorable that Thunderhead apparently squelched a debate on this, when by all indications, the bike lane design was indeed a major contributor to the fatality. Perhaps someone affiliated with Thunderhead was responsible for advocating the placement of this bike lane in the first place? And now, a woman is dead, a major bicycling advocacy organization has squelched criticism about it, and the opponents of all bike lanes (not just unsafe ones) are having a field day.


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