Urbification: Taking the sub out of Calif. suburbs

Walking. Bicycling. Alternatives to Driving Everywhere. Social justice. Alternatives to suburban boredom and waste. And the infrastructure and technology needed to get there.

Friday, November 28, 2003

There's more to say about the situation in Lakewood, Ohio: 60 Minutes' report says that eminent domain is being used to replace some residents' homes and a few businesses with expensive condos and "a high-priced shopping mall." It's not clear yet to me if the mall would sit where the old businesses sat, or if they would sit where the old homes sat. If retail replaced homes, I would cry foul. But there's more: One of the residents claims that Lakewood twisted the definition of blight to include any home that doesn't have three bedrooms, two baths, an attached two-car garage and central air. This is a highly disturbing case that can cause all sorts of blowback (starting with 60 Minutes) that can seriously harm the good ways in which suburban redevelopment can legitimately take place.


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