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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Andrew Koebrick, president of the Minnesota Bicycle & Pedestrian Alliance, is an advocate of "stealth cycling" -- riding one's bicycle without lights at nighttime -- in order to avoid being attacked by belligerent motorists or pedestrians. Has it come to this?


  • At 2:08 PM, Blogger andrew said…

    Actually, I just recommended this approach when biking through known dangerous neighborhoods at night (for example north Ninneapolis). I also dont think that in such situations it is wise to stop at stop signs. When it is 2:00a.m. and the streets are silent, you can just listen for cars and glide through.

    I know bikers who have been jumped; I myself have had a car follow me and then pull a "gun" (toy gun?) and laugh when I cringed and took evasive manouvers.

    I seems far better to bike stealthily than to advertize your approach with flashing lights, so that when you stop at an intersection a hoodlum can jump you.

    Folks are welcome to disagree with this strategy and I always encourge individuals to bike how they feal safe (unless you are endangering others- i.e. biking against traffic in a bike lane).

    But if anyone thinks this is a just-plain-bad way to stay alive, I would challange you to come visit and we will go on a 2a.m. ride! I will go stealth, you go wearing your reflective gear and bike lights and follow all traffic laws. Lets see who lasts longest without having their bike jacked!

    Or I suppose we could choose to just not go to bad neighborhoods. But personally, I refuse to give up on cities.

    The more bikers we can get on the streets at all hours of the night, the safer our streets will become.

    (Who bumped into this post while googling for our organization's name)

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