Urbification: Taking the sub out of Calif. suburbs

Walking. Bicycling. Alternatives to Driving Everywhere. Social justice. Alternatives to suburban boredom and waste. And the infrastructure and technology needed to get there.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Press release: Drive Safely Work Week Campaign Keeps Employees Safe on the Road. Press coverage from The Pasadena (TX) Citizen, Insurance Journal, the Detroit Free Press, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, South Bay (NY) News, the Cincinatti Enquirer, Augusta (VA) Free Press, and Belleville (IL) News-Democrat. No coverage in any of the major California newspapers: I checked the San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury-News, Contra-Costa Times, Sacramento Bee, Oakland Tribune, and Los Angeles Times. Time for California to treat safe driving more seriously. The state certainly has its share of dangerous driving. Ironically, instead, California this week is promoting Walk to School Week.


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