Urbification: Taking the sub out of Calif. suburbs

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Parking reform bill passes California Senate

SB 518, the California parking reform legislation that Sen. Alan Lowenthal introduced in 2009, was approved by the Senate on Thursday. I had no idea it was even up for a vote on Thursday. Here's the webcast of Thursday's Senate session. The passage occurs around the 2:30:00 mark.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Bike-sharing: A questionable investment

At a time when bike theft is epidemic, and bus service is being slashed left and right, is it wise to be spending a half million dollars to buy and operate a free shared-bicycle program in the Bay Area? The MTC program Safe Routes to Transit thinks so, and has the $500,000 courtesy of bridge tolls. But these programs have a troubled history. The bikes get vandalized or stolen. A highly-touted program in Paris has been especially hard hit. I predict a similar outcome, or worse, in Silicon Valley, where once I even spotted someone trying to steal my bike even as I watched him! Put this money instead into more bike lockers, or even shared bike cages like the innovative one now operating at Embarcadero BART.